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Our Objectives

The objectives of the Institute include:
  • To enhance the quality of competencies through accreditation, certification and continuous professional development.
  • To be the preferred professional body for career development and progression opportunities.
  • To enunciate and ensure adherence to best practices and strong commitment to ethical behaviour.
  • To strengthen our internal capacities of people, processes and technology to achieve operational excellence.
  • To be the preferred choice in research and intellectual discourse.
  • To improve our relevance through strategic partnerships with regulators, operators and other relevant bodies.

Welcome to CIBN

The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) is the umbrella professional body for bankers in Nigeria. It was incorporated in 1976 as the Nigerian Institute of Bankers and Chartered in 1990 (now CIBN Act 5 of 2007).

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President/Chairman of Council
Prof. Segun Ajibola,Ph.D, FCIB
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