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A central feature of the chequered history of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria has been the sustained effort to enthrone professional excellence in the banking industry in Nigeria. This struggle, based essentially on the need to jealously guard, preserve and positively project on the noble profession of banking, which is based on the principle of "Trust and Honesty", has not been easy considering the numerous problems associated with a developing banking industry and the Nigerian economy in general.

Yet in spite of daunting odds faced in this turbulent journey, it is to the eternal credit of the founding fathers, successive leaders of the Institute, captains of the industry and regulatory bodies, that significant and giant strides have been made within the banking industry.


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The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) is the umbrella professional body for bankers in Nigeria. It was incorporated in 1976 as the Nigerian Institute of Bankers and Chartered in 1990 (now CIBN Act 5 of 2007).

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Dr. Uche Messiah Olowu, FCIB
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Calling the Attention of Members

The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria hereby informs its members: MCIB, ACIB, HCIB, FCIB, Student and Ordinary Members that the Institute is updating its database. In this regard, Members should kindly click on the link below to update their records.

You could also forward the following details by email to
  • Your Name in Capital Letters(Surname First)
  • Membership Number
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Alternatively you may also send the details via text or Whatsapp to 08028289271/08028444550.

Thank you
Seye Awojobi, FCIB

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