The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) is the umbrella professional body for bankers in Nigeria.



The Faculty Board arrangement being adopted by the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria is an innovation that can move the training and research functions of the Institute to a higher level. It will assist in harvesting new ideas and adding value.

Terms of Reference of the Faculty Board

1. Setting the knowledge and competence standards for members of the Institute and the banking industry in general.

2. Reviewing and updating the criteria for accreditation/selection of providers of CIBN certified training programmes.

3. Keeping a `watching brief ‘on Issues which affect the education and Professional development of Banking professionals around the World and the possible impact of these on Nigeria.

4. Helping the leadership and management of the Institute to develop an agenda for and mode of policy advocacy in areas affecting members’ education and development.

In addition to the above, members will be expected to actively engage in:

  • Curriculum Development.

  • Teaching.

  • This will involve delivering lectures at CIBN organized education and professional development events

    Visiting University Campuses to speak with undergraduates to register for CIBN exams/courses

  • Designing and monitoring an “Experience sharing/mentoring” programme for CIBN;

  • Determining research needs and creating a framework for

  • Encouraging research/investigation into issues in their specific areas;

    Dissemination/publication of research outcome-irrespective of whether arising from CIBN sponsored research;

    Deployment of research output in the advocacy and curriculum development.

Objectives of the Faculty Arrangement
  • To assist in the development of the curricula of the various CIBN education programmes.

  • To assist in re-designing the CIBN training programmes especially the Continuing Compulsory Professional Development (CCPD) Programmes.

  • To assist in implementing the Human Capital Development component of the FSS 20: 2020 as it concerns The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria.

  • To assist in the research activities of the Institute with a view to adding value to banking operation in the Nigerian economy.

Benefits for Members of the Faculty

The faculty arrangement is an intellectual exercise intended to foster cross-fertilization of ideas and enrichment of the mind. It will also provide opportunity for networking and bridge-building. Besides, members should derive personal satisfaction for having played their parts in national development.

Group Chats

A forum has been created where each member of the Faculty can communicate by clicking the ‘Members’ link and then Group Chat.
NB: Username will be sent to the members of the various faculties.

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