Immerse yourself in the well rounded experience that comes with being a part of the CIBN legacy.

Membership Overview

The members of the Institute are equipped with the requisite tools that are needed for them to excel in the dynamic environment of global finance. There are opportunities for people with various skill sets and knowledge levels to learn and grow at their own pace. The members of the Institute are divided into two main branches which are the Individual members and Corporate members.

There are seven levels of individual members with varying criteria for admission into each one. See Individual Members, Qualifications and Routes to ACIB. Membership is open to Secondary School leavers or those who have equivalent or other relevant A’ Level Qualifications.

The corporate members are made up of Deposit Money banks, Regulatory bodies, Non-Interest Banks, Merchant Banks, Development Finance Institutions, Asset Management Corporation, Primary Mortgage Institutions, and Microfinance Banks.

To learn about the benefit of membership, click here. Another benefit that has been designed to help members navigate the uncertain terrain of career in finance is the Mentorship and Internship Scheme.

The Scheme aims to empower mentees to be self-motivated initiators by connecting them with eligible mentors who provide realistic guidance and work with the mentee towards mutual success. The Internship branch of the scheme is also known as the Employment Desk. This is a bridge for those who need on the job experience or are out of work.